Call for Volunteers

Areas that people might like to volunteer are:
  • Gate (3 entrance gates)
  • Luncheon Room
  • Bar (entrance)
  • Information booth
  • Cattle
  • Horses
  • Helping during the week before the show around the grounds
  • Helping pack up on Monday after the show
  • Most of these duties are done in 2hr shift.
  • Sign-up on line will be available for all areas
  • You will be able to choose: area of interest, day, times, length of availability.
  •  Please contact us via the  Volunteers' contact form below
  •  There will be a Volunteers Thank You Day on Sunday 26th April which all volunteers are invited to. You will receive you gate pass (you are entitled to a free pass for the day you volunteer)
  • Information on the area you are helping with, information on WH&S and off course lunch and liquid refreshments.
  •  Thanking all our wonderful volunteers without whom we could not run this wonderful event – Bellingen Show

Volunteers' contact form

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Black Street
Bellingen 2454 

The Secretary
P O Box 149, Bellingen NSW 2454

Phone: 0498 483 915