28 Aug 2020


What a year!

On the 17th March 2020, The Bellinger River Agricultural Society cancelled the 2020 Show which was to be held on the 16th and 17th May 2020. A very sad day.

In reading back over the years activities, even though we had to cancel the show due the COVID 19, let us not forget that 2019/20 was an extraordinary busy and productive year.

We started off holding two planning meetings in October and November and completing 36 Activity Analysis that documented every job undertaken at the show. It recorded what each area did prior, during and after the show. Our matrix, which at the beginning was covered in red boxes, ended up all green, indicating that all positions had been filled and documentation completed. A wonderful achievement. I have attached is the matrix to remind everyone what we all achieved.

In that time we had a Committee of 20, plus a Volunteer Organising Committee of another 26 people who although they did not attend meetings where involved and active in their chosen area. Our Call To Arms was a wonderful success and I thank each and every one of those involved for putting their hands up and saying "we want a show". My hope is that when we can once again be back running our wonderful Bello Show that we will continue to have that level of support.


Before we cancelled on the 17th March we had in place all the ingredients for a great show.

Our sponsorship was as high as it has ever been, and many of our wonderful supporters have left their contribution with us for next year. The Bellingen Shire Council allowed us to retain their contributions to the 2020 show to defray costs. Grants from the Regional Growth Fund Drought Stimulus and CEX will also be rolled over to next year.

We also received grants from Destination NSW and Austrade (administered by BSC), but these will be dependent on us running the event next year.


Activities over the period involved Governance Training, attending the ASA National Conference on the Gold Coast, attending two Group 2 meetings, (one by zoom) and 10 committee travelling to Tenterfield for their show in February to lend a hand. Much hard work was done, the rain made everyone very happy and we built relationships that hopefully will endure in years to come. We ran the Bunnings Barbecue again and this activity returned the Society nearly $1000.


We were donated a large photo copier from the Neighbourhood Centre and we look forward to putting this into action next year.


Decisions were made with regard to Showday online and Zero accounting packages. These are now both on line which will make our operation more streamlined, easier to manage and save us time and allow us to be more efficient with less volunteer time. We modernised our letterheads and were in the process of designing the layout and colours for the schedules.


One of the forward planning activities was to prepare our luncheon fare. The Neighbourhood Centre were very appreciative of our donation to the Bowl of Plenty lunches so nothing was wasted and some scones were sold to help defray costs.


Tickets for the show raffle had started to be sold and we have held that over with the aim to finish selling tickets in 2021 with the draw at the 2021 Show.


At our last meeting a date was set for our Planning Meeting. This will be Saturday 12th September. This will give us an opportunity to update our Strategic Plan which has now run its 5 year timeframe - and look at our short, medium and long term plans and think about how we approach a challenging year ahead. One of our goals might be to organise all our entries, from gate to pavilion/cattle/horses to be online so we can manage numbers attending, less face to face time taking entries and benefits for the long term running of the show.


I have not thanked any one person in particular as this has been quite extraordinary team effort.  So please accept my heartfelt thanks for everything all of you have done to support the belief that Bellingen wants their show to continue for many years to come. Let's make it happen together.


Gillian Anderson


Bellinger River Agricultural Society Ltd

August 2020

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Bellingen 2454 

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Gillian Anderson


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