15 Nov 2019

Left-to-right: Some of our new volunteers Lani Carmody, Deborah Kent, Vanessa McTyer, Kristie Douglas and Brad McCosker at the October planning day.

Show Society Recruiting Volunteers and Planning for 2020

Have you started decking the halls in anticipation of the holidays ahead? The festive season is coming quickly upon us, and it's a wonderful time to reflect on 2019 and start considering your new year's resolutions. Planning is already underway for the next Bellingen Show in May at the showground here in town - a lovely way to get involved and bring our diverse community together. 


A number of new volunteers have already climbed on board. Joining those in the photograph above are Rowan Butler, Lydia Bezeruk, Janine Harkness, Patrick Post and Graeme Ross. Lani Carmody, the new Sponsorship Coordinator for the Bellingen Show, is happy to have the time to volunteer now she's retired. Lani says she's devoting her time and energy to the show because it's "a hugely important community event for the families and farmers" in the Bellingen Shire.


"We have a wonderful mix of new talent and experienced staff on hand all eagerly looking forward to arranging this event," Show Society President Gillian Anderson said. With the show planners still in need of help in a few areas, this is also a wonderful opportunity to help out: whether you're a lifelong resident of the shire, or like this writer, new to the area, participating in this annual event is a way to donate your skills and experience while getting to know your neighbours. 


The Show highlights the talents of our community across many varied fields, from needlework to crochet, photography and fine arts, and jams and preserve making. It also includes competition in several categories for farmers and their livestock including cattle and poultry. 


None of this could happen, from the scheduling to the entry submission through to the judging, without the hard work of data entry volunteers. With that in mind, Deborah Kent is newly lending a hand this year doing data entry, after helping out in a more ad hoc manner in the past. She's enjoyed the show and wants to do her part - perhaps you could join her and pitch in, too?


Positions still to be filled for the upcoming show are:


  • Leaders for: Photography, Partner Carrying Competition, Young Farmers Challenge, Attractions, and Information Booth
  • Support persons for: Grants Officer, Minor Sponsorship and Advertiser, and Entertainment
  •  Safety officer & support person for WH&S
  • Data entry people over the week of the show
  • Site manager support people over the week of the show


You can get involved with this fabulous community event by joining us at our next planning meeting on Friday, the 22nd of November at 4:30pm. We'll be gathering inthe Luncheon Pavilion at the Bellingen Showgrounds, located on the corner of Black and Hammond Street. Hope to see you there!

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