13 Sep 2019

Back: Pattie Hoschke, Gillian Anderson (President), Ted Greenwood (Vic President) Front: Mary Ann Perry (Secretary), Mary Moody, Marg Girdwood, Kae Anforth, Noelene Weick (Treasurer), Geoff Adams

Call to Arms

The Bellingen Show has been running for over 130 years - the current Show Committee would like it to run for another 130 years! And, on the basis of show attendances over the past few years, we think that our community agrees with us. But unlike the weather outlook for the next few months there are dark clouds on the horizon and the year ahead will be a challenging one for the Bellinger River Agricultural Society.

As a volunteer organisation it is important that our people find their engagement with the show to be an enjoyable and satisfying community experience. Although we have good crowds attending the show, funds in the bank and a wonderful group of volunteers, the membership of the organising committee has declined over the past few years and we are now faced with situation where a few people are carrying too much of the work load. If the show is to continue we have to address this imbalance as a priority.

The committee are a committed, skilled, professional group, who are inclusive, supportive and gain a huge satisfaction each year presenting a wonderful community event.

The committee is in the process of identifying all the activities associated with running the different areas of the show.  The members currently responsible for these areas have been asked to say which of these activities they are happy to continue doing to support the show into the future. The challenge for us now is to attract new people or find innovative ways to fill the 'gaps',  particularly in areas associated with sponsorship, entertainment, volunteer co-coordination, marketing and promotion. This will be the focus for a series of planning meetings to be held later in the year.

If you share our belief that the Bellingen Show is an important community event worth supporting, why not join us and become a member of the organising committee. If joining the committee is not your thing but you would still like to be involved, come and talk to us about where you think you might be able to help.

The first planning meeting will be held on Tuesday 8th October between 4 and 7pm at the Luncheon Pavilion, Bellingen Showground. We are asking anyone who thinks they might like to be involved to come along see if they can help in some way.

Should you have any questions or like to discuss any issues raised please do not hesitate to give me a call.

Gillian Anderson

Phone: 0419 124 368
Email: president@bellingenshow.com.au

Black Street
Bellingen 2454 

The Secretary
P O Box 149, Bellingen NSW 2454

Email: secretary@bellingenshow.com.au                
Phone: 0498 483 915                    


Gillian Anderson


Mary Ann Perry


Noelene Weick


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