12 May 2019

Oh Rats! Magica and rats

Puppets and Rats Run Amuck at the Bellingen Show

The showground is in danger of being overrun with rats but not the type you are thinking of.

The rats will be tethered to the strings firmly held by the puppeteers of the internationally renowned Sydney Puppet Theatre who will be exclusively headlining the Entertainment Program at this year's Bellingen Show.

This will not only be a highlight for the Show but for Bellingen. The SPT has performed extensively throughout Australia and the world and is bringing to the Bellingen Show, among other delights, a special rendition of the of their keynote production' OH RATS!

This special performance of puppetry will delight and engage audiences of all ages. Two actor/puppeteers create a fantastic interaction of puppets and magic. It's high energy and action packed and transports the audience on a highspeed journey of mad comic events.

 Magica, the magician, is sent to train as a magician's assistant. The new assistant has no idea of what is going on though and his world is besieged by rats, sausages and a duck with a personality crisis, It's chaotic, mystifying and hilarious.

The Sydney Puppet Theatre specializes in creating theatre of special delight and engagement for family audiences and this will be no exception. It's family entertainment at its best. Don't miss it. Only at the Bellingen Show.

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