Credit: Bellinger River Agricultural Society
A Message from the Secretary of the
Bellinger River District Poultry Club

Bellinger River District Poultry Club has been in existence for many years having re-established itself on 6th May 1976, almost 45 years ago.

There are still 3 members that attended that inaugural meeting in the club playing active rolls till this day.

During those years members of the Poultry Club have overseen the operation of the Agricultural Show Poultry Section.

In recent years we have seen numbers in the vicinity of 300 birds exhibited at the Show. The different classes available for exhibitors are listed in the Poultry Schedule, which will be available in hard copy in early April.

There are far too many breeds to mention here, but I can assure that there will be something to excite any poultry or bird enthusiast. Some breeders will be moving on to other shows so those birds may be elsewhere on the Sunday, but there will still be plenty of birds to see on the second day.

This area has many game fowl breeders and the quality of these birds is excellent. Although there are not as many soft feather breeders in this area the quality is also excellent.

Local poultry enthusiasts will be at the show and will be happy to answer any questions.

We will welcome breeders from as far away as Muswellbrook.

On the First Saturday of each month (except May) we hold a poultry sale and this sale has been receiving a lot of interest in the last 3 months.

You will find reference to this sale on The Bellinger River District Poultry Club Facebook page.

This market is run in conjunction with the Growers Market.

Please come along and buy your vegetables, fruit and other yummies AND take home a chicken or two.

Below are just a few of the breeds you can see at this year’s show.

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