Mongrel Dog Show

Participants at a previous show's mongrel dogs event.
Credit: Bellinger River Agricultural Society

The Mongrel Dog Show takes place on the Sunday morning of the Bellingen Show weekend.

Over the years it has become a bit of an institution at the Show because it is a social event for both the dogs and their owners. “Mongrel” because it is open to ALL dogs – and their owners. It’s also a “roll up” event with entries taken on the day and no entry fee. A great event for the whole family.

Judged categories vary from year to year but generally include:

  • All dogs – Your dog may look funny, happy, and elegant, have long or short legs, and have a kind looking face. Dogs will be given an award for their own special qualities.
  • The Elders – dogs over 10 years old
  • Tricks & Obedience – the opportunity to show just how fabulous/intelligent your dog is at tricks and obedience
  • Dress-up – everyone and their dog will get a prize, for entertaining the crowd with funny, silly serious, mad, amazing, inventive and original costumes.
  • Mongrel Dogs Grand Parade – all in the ring together to find “The Most Mongrel Looking Dog of the Day” and “The Best Groomed Dog of the Day”.

All dogs get a prize – because we love them all!