Mantova - Bellingen Show 2017

Presented by:   The Bellinger River Agricultural Society Ltd
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Saturday 5th and Sunday 6th May 2018

EJ Mantova Memorial Art Competition 28th of April 2018
Entries Close 13th April 2018
Bellingen Show - Since 1881
Something Wonderful is About to Happen
Something Wonderful is About to Happen
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The EJ Mantova Memorial Art Competition Winners

The EJ Mantova Memorial Art Competition commenced a little after 2pm this afternoon, Saturday 13th May, to a full room. Councillor Jennie Fenton officially opened the proceedings and organizer, Jacki Lee got straight down to business, but not before detailing and demystifying the (sometimes controversial) selection processes to the audience.

Ray Rixon, retired TAFE teacher, judged the event entries across 7 categories including the Camp Creative Scholarship Choice, and the results are as follows:

Class 1: Landscape/Watercolour

1st prize
Gregory Coates – Five Days at the Beach
Judge’s quote: “A joyful response that depicts differing moods within the different images.”

2nd prize
Robin Simon – View of McGraths Hump

Highly Commended
Margaret Hooper – Farm
Winnie Brown – Cool Water in the Valley

Class 2: Marie Warwick Memorial Watercolour

1st prize
Carol Simons – Last Night
Judge’s quote: “This expressive, suggestive landscape is well composed with restrained colour…”

2nd prize
Sarah Dunk – Portrait 1

Highly Commended
Barbara Turner – Desert Jewels
Barbara Turner – Arnold John Turner

Class 3: Open

1st prize:
Kevin Tierney – One Door Opens
Judge’s quote: “A sense of space is evoked through the application of paint and selected use of colour.”

2nd prize
Robin Simon – Attitude

Highly Commended
David Bromley – Green Hills Inn, Turill
Sarah Dunk – Portrait 3

Class 4: Drawing

1st prize
Myffie Coady – Sealed with a Kiss
Judge’s quote: “A creative close up with sound exploration of mixed drawing materials and techniques.”

2nd prize
Pat Whittingham – It’s not all Black and White

Highly Commended
Dawn Lewis – Kelpie
Holly Mae Corke – All that I Am

Class 5: Sculpture

1st prize
Jodie Guy Taggart – Celtic Sword
Judge’s quote: “The totemic structure personifies the sword in stone and strengthened by the tile of the sword.”

2nd prize
Guus Brunnekreef – Men’s Business

Highly Commended
Gregory Coates – Heading Out
Janine Harkness – Ruby’s Headstone

lass 6: Children

1st prize
Keziah Whitepeek – Rumination of the Mass
Judge’s quote: “The placement of the figure in the painting is visually pleasing as is the subtle use of a restricted palette.”

2nd prize
Gabrielle King – Camel

Highly Commended
Demi Bowd – Kimberley Country
Demi Bowd – A Dog’s Life

Camp Creative Scholarship Award: Demi Bowd

Judge’s quote: “Selected because of their potential to further develop the use of colours.”

The works of all entries will be on display throughout the Show in the Pavilion, Saturday and Sunday, May 20-21.
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