mantova - Bellingen Show 2019

Presented by:   The Bellinger River Agricultural Society Ltd
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Saturday 25th and Sunday 26th May 2019

EJ Mantova Memorial Art Competition 18th of May 2019
Entries Close 3th May 2019
Bellingen Show - Since 1881
Something Wonderful is About to Happen
Something Wonderful is About to Happen
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Results of the EJ Mantova Memorial Art Competition

Class 1: Landscape/ Seascape
1st Cath Beynon Looking North
This semi abstracted landscape has a simplicity of subject content that enables the painting to convey atmosphere through depiction of light and cleverly structured composition within the picture plane.
2nd Robin Simon My Town
While the subject of this painting is recognizably Bellingen, the use of colour, unique viewpoint and variety of paint application techniques creates an unsettling mood of intrigue.
HC Myffie Coady Riviere
This painting is texturally interesting. There is a variety of techniques used to convey land, water and sky; mixed with the dynamic movement that encourages the viewer to travel from the foreground to the background.
HC Christine Courcier-Jones Clear Vista
Qualities of Cubism can be seen in this landscape. The various components of the landscape are reduced to their base shapes, eliminating detail. The selection and placement of colour helps to bind the composition together adding strength and tying the foreground and background together.

Class 2: Marie Warwick Memorial Watercolour
1st Guus Brunnekreef Harvest
The composition of this painting combined with the extraordinary attention to detail, provides the viewer with sufficient information to imagine the tree in its entirety. It is a snapshot; full of texture and colour helping to create a strong sense of  depth even with little content in the background.
2nd Barbara Turner Galahs
These galahs are real, believable. Each bird is depicted in a different behavior but they are still one group within their environment. The painting displays the technical proficiency of the artist as demonstrated in the birds’ feet that grip onto the branch.
HC Carol Simons Light Blush
This painting packs a powerful colour punch. The paint application techniques have created texture that provides information about the subject, while the composition draws the viewer into the image.
HC Barbara Turner Jay Jay
Imagine running your hand over this horse. The body of the horse is smooth and soft contrasting with the longer and rougher strands of hair between its ears. The expressive eyes emotionally connect the horse and viewer. Within the painting, a gentleness, that  echoes the character of the horse, has been created through the artist’s paint application.

Class 3: Open
1st Maggie Porter The Home Stretch
A dark and foreboding landscape with elements of Baroque. The contracts of dark and light, in colour and in tone, emphasize the scale of the landscape in relation to the figure. The painted surface is textural, which changes as the foreground moves towards the background.
2nd Susann Martin Ruffled Feathers
This realistically rendered galah is well executed. The painting has a balance of light and dark tonal qualities that has the subject contracting with the background. This draws the viewers attention to the galah. The texture of the feathers has thoughtfully been considered.
HC Dawn Lewis The Anxious Bilby
A playful and whimsical piece, specifically identifiable as Australian. The integrated use of pen and ink creates character within each of the animals. Each line is carefully plotted to build and emphasize the animals traits.
HC Susann Martin An Apple A Day
Apples you could pick out of the painting and eat. The treatment of the apples is most exciting. Every nuance of each piece of fruit is rendered resulting in fruit that is superreal.

Class 4: Drawing
1st Lesley Hughes A Moment
This drawing is made of contrasts. The eyes that pierce into you with their unwavering gaze. The subtle understated cloth around the shoulders and the wildness of line extending out as hair. With such strength in each of these elements within this drawing, no background is necessary.
2nd Guus Brunnekreef I’m Bored
This image of a child has a universal appeal. Each parent could impose their own child into the scenario in this drawing. The child’s body language and the expression on the face, captures the emotion of the child. The artist had used different drawing techniques to capture the texture of the sand, skin and hat.
HC Ivinnie Brown A Tribute to Louis
This drawing has the artist depicting the light tones of the subject, rather than the dark tones by electing to work with white on a black surface. The artist has viewed the subject matter with a different perspective by looking for the subtleness of light.
HC Barbara Turner A Portrait of Michael
The success of this drawing is due to the artist’s ability to create a sense of weight of the head resting on the hand, combined with having the pencil make several tones rendered in one mark.

Class 5: Sculpture
1st Sandy Scallan Spirit
The horse is frozen in a moment in time. The sculpture is full of energy and movement captured in the form of the body and the linear direction of the mane and tail. The sculpture shows a high degree of structural competence.
2nd Peta Coe Ode to White No. 2
This sculpture focuses on the concept rather than technique. The viewer is asked to look at ordinary objects in a different way. By presenting multiples of each item the artist forces qualities such as pattern, texture and line to be the focal point.
HC Robert Tees Quatro
The stone is the hero of this sculpture. The artist has carved an abstract form that is sympathetic to the qualities of the material. Each viewpoint of the sculpture offers a different experience.
HC Janine Harkness Billy the Kid
There is a sense of expectation between the goat and the viewer: the rise of the ears, the angle of the head and the openness of the gaze invites interaction. Where is the power: person or goat?

Class 6: Children
1st Gabrielle King Himalayan Lady
A variety of different techniques are evident in this drawing. The subtle addition of colour increases the power of the subject.
2nd Ella Graydon Metatortoises
This triptych has three different drawings with different and varied techniques which are bound together by the overriding theme of tortoises. Each drawing tells its own story, however each drawing gains power by its relationship to the other drawings.
Camp Creative Scholarship Mia Burfoot
This drawing has an interesting composition made of many different images that link together through the use of colour.

People  Choice
Mantova   $100    Ali Brown &   Rodger Bourke       Lesley Hughes

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